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Andrea Gabriela Marfurt Las Estrellas Showgroup

Andrea M.


After a New Year's resolution, Andrea started salsa dancing in 2014. After experiences in different show groups, she founded her own formation "Las Estrellas" in January 2018. A little dream came true with the group and so the common training and being together became the highlight of the week. In addition to training in the show group and teaching other dance classes, Andrea supports job seekers as a trainer in the application process, so that they can find a suitable place of work for them again as soon as possible.

Activities as a dance teacher:

Andrea Popa Las Estrellas Showgroup

Andrea P.


Since Andrea was 5 years old, the stage has been her home. For 19 years she danced her way across the stages of this world with her passion, ballet, until she ended up in Basel in 2012 for her Master's degree. After a spontaneous idea to attend a salsa course she was so enthusiastic about this dance that she started dancing in salsa show groups and is still a teacher in Basel today. 

Jennifer Flores Las Estrellas Showgroup



Since Jenny started with Salsa in 2012 and later with Bachata and Kizomba, she is addicted to these dances. She has been teaching Salsa in Basel for about 6 years now and in her free time, besides dancing, she loves to travel, dive and learn new languages, like Greek at the moment. One of her favorite destinations is Spain, as that is where her roots are and she lived in Madrid for a while. 




After 10 years of artistic gymnastics and a time out in Cuba at the age of 17, Marion found her love for dance. Since then Salsa is part of her everyday life. She also often visits Salsa festivals and enjoys traveling around the world.




After more than 13 years of figure skating, she stopped skating at the age of 19 and only at 26, discovered Salsa and other dances for herself. Besides Salsa Tina dances HipHop, Jazz and Contemporary. She also does yoga regularly, does fitness, takes singing lessons and loves to riddles in Escape Rooms. 




Valeria grew up between the ages of 7 and 14 in southern Spain. When she returned to Switzerland, she was missing that certain something in her everyday life and so she discovered Salsa. From then on she danced happily through life. As a certified dance teacher, she now teaches adults and children.

Activities as a dance teacher:

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